2016 Reading Goals

listSo this post is late, and I have already broken at least one of my goals, however I thought I would still write this out.  In part to keep myself accountable, in part so that I can look back at this in a year and see how I have grown as a reader and blogger, in part to let readers know some more about me.  There are likely a bunch of other reasons, but three parts are enough parts.

Read 50 books

With big life changes happening this year I figure a rate of one book a week is do able.  As I am currently about 4 books ahead, I might have to increase this later, however I expect periods without reading a book to occur rather soon.  

Keep my ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads below 200

My Goodreads ‘to read’ list keeps track of the books I want to read, not the books I own.  In the past 6 months this list has grown to be just under 200 at the time I made this goal.  Currently it is at 220 and I have removed several old book from the list that I’m not interested in any more.  SO far I have failed, but hopefully with reading I can cut this down to below 200 by the end of the year.  

Write at least a few sentences on my thoughts about each book I read in 2016 (unless it’s in the middle of a series)

Last year I started reviewing every book I read and I want to keep it up!  The series rule comes about due to Death Note where the volumes are short enough and similar enough that I would just be writing the same thing over and over. 

Try to think more critically on the books I read

This is not the ‘critically’ that English class wants you to think about books where the colour of a curtain in a scene may or may not mean something about the author and the scene.  For this goal  want to think critically on things like diversity in the novel, characterization of female versus male characters, the ratio of female versus male characters, the realism of parental and adult figures in the novel, etc. 

Don’t force myself to finish books I’m not interested in

I rarely don’t finish books.  I’m not sure why this is but may be because some part of me wants to or needs to know how it ends for peace of mind.  It could also be because of all the uninteresting ‘interesting’ books I had to read for English class honed the skill of reading even if it’s boring me.  I want to try and break myself of this and move on to new books when I know I don’t really care how it ends. 

Try out book blogging

As an extension of reviewing all the books I read and thinking critically on the books I read, I wanted to try out book blogging to see if it is something I am interested in doing long term.  I don’t expect many people to stumble upon this blog, but who knows what will happen.  For me this is a way to improve my writing skills and practice writing down my thoughts on books in order to learn to think critically about them. 



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