I’ll have a look inside your mind and tell where you belong!

hogwartssealSo I will admit it: I retook the Pottermore sorting quiz within days of the new one being available.  I don’t know what I expected since I am the house I am.

When I was first sorted I didn’t know what house I would get: I am smart but not really as knowledge thirsty as a Ravenclaw, I love the colours of Slytherin but am not all that ambitious, Gryffindor just didn’t seem to be my thing and the colours of Hufflepuff are … not good to be diplomatic. I was certain I’d be some sort of hat stall. 

But then I got sorted into Hufflepuff.  I admit it, I was disappointed but at least I could spell the house name?  Looking into the characteristics more, however, it did make sense: dedication and hard work; patience, kindness and tolerance; loyalty.  All of these were things that can be used to describe me.  Eventually I started identifying strongly as a Hufflepuff.

Along comes the new quiz and I was intrigued.  Even though I know what my house was I had to re-take the test.  I answered the questions honestly, though some of them were hard to answer.  A few of the questions I could tell which ones were which houses, but several I could not, but I didn’t let that sway my answers.

This time I was sorted into Gryffindor.  I could not (and can not) believe it!  Gryffindor is not who I am.  Courage.  Everyone has a bit of courage in them but some have this stronger than others.  Some might call my life choices courageous but I don’t largely because I research the hell out of my choices so that I know I’m making the right one for me.  Gryffindors are also more fire, the one element I don’t connect to as much as the rest.  

So what is going on here?

I do believe that over time your identity will change and that houses can change.  Perhaps you might not see that you have changed and resist it.  I think that a number of the ‘Identity Crisis’ that are occurring on the internet right now might be explained by this.  Part of the reason I thought I would get a hat stall initially is because I was very much a Ravenclaw as a child and would have been in that house to start with.  Another part of the issue is that the Sorting quiz initially sorted equalling and is now ‘more accurate’, which is what it is.  Since I took the quiz a lot later than most people I don’t think this would factor into it as much for me as it would others.  Finally, I think that the large number of identity crisis’s are just plain good publicity.  Boring, I know, but true. 

However, I think people should understand, part of the decision of the Sorting Hat is what you want.  Overall, you are who you are.  You are your choices.   


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