The first ten

listHaving just completed my tenth book this year I thought I would recap what I have read so far, comment on how I’m doing in my reading goals and list a few books I want to read in the coming months.

Read so far:

1. High Wizardry by Diane Duane     3/5 stars

2. A Wizard Abroad by Diane Duane     3/5 stars

3. The Wizard’s Dilemma by Diane Duane     3/5 stars

4. Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi     4/5 stars

5. A Wizard Alone by Diane Duane     3.5/5  stars

6. Wizard’s Holiday by Diane Duane     4.5/5 stars

7. WRAP: the reluctant assassin by Eoin Colfer     2/5 stars

8. Epic by Conor Kostick     4.5/5 stars

9. Rook by Sharon Cameron     3.5/5 stars

10. Destined for Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon     3.5/5 stars

Average book rating: 3.5 stars

Comments:  Obviously I have bee making my way through Diane Duane’s Young Wizard series but took a break to read something new.  Once I’ve caught up I plan to write a post to talk about the entire series so won’t say too much besides they got a bit same-y and so I took a break from them at the beginning of February.

Epic was by far the highlight of the first 10 books this year (review found here) with the 6th Young Wizard book as a close second and Gamer Girl rounding out the top three.  Already I have read one book that I didn’t particularly like by and author whom trust (meaning I have enjoyed many of his other works).   However, over all the books have been ‘I liked but to great’ which is fine by me.

On my reading goals: Currently I am sitting at 4 books ahead of schedule which is wonderful!  I bodes well that I will have to increase my reading goal by the end of the year but I’m not going to bump it up just yet.  I have been doing a steady 1(ish) book a week for the last few weeks which is about what I hoped to do.  Also since Big Life Changes TM are coming soon I’m just not ready to increase it just yet. So far I have reviewed, at least in brief, every book I have read this year and done 2 full length reviews means I’m doing great on that bookish goal.  I’m not doing so well on the ‘don’t force myself to finish a book I’m not interested in’ goal, but it’s one of those goals I know I’ll have to work at to successfully complete and I may never complete it.  

What’s next? A few of the books I hope to pick up soon include Saga by Conor Kostick, Storm Glass by Maria V.Synder, Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas and Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes.  Finally I hope I can finish off The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks at some point soon since I stopped reading it many months ago due to school stuff and I need to continue on with it. 


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