DNF’ing your current read

listDid not finish.  Some readers will stop reading a book halfway through and won’t think anything of it.  Others cannot fathom leaving a book unread.  The reasons for putting a book down and trying something else are simple when you look at the list of books to be read and think about all the other things tat need to be done in the mere 24 hours that a day contains.  However, I am part of the latter camp, having only a handful of books that I did not finish out of hundreds and hundreds read. The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and the Diary of Anne Frank are only ones I can think of off the top of my head.  I have put down a book for over a year and gone back to it to finish it off.

 Here are some of the reasons I cannot seem to not leave a book unread:

1. School. There were too many boring requires readings that I had to read that I learned to force myself through on the off chance it might help me on the exam.  As an aside school and lying teachers telling me that the book we were going to read this year is actually interesting is a major reason why I don’t like to read hyped books or books that have been and recommended to me.  However both of my favourite authors were recommendations…

2. What if it gets better?   The major reason so many people push through to the end: the what if? the hope that the ending would somehow redeem the beginning.  I have read several books that had slow starts and stellar endings.

3. I need to know what happens, even if the book is boring me!  This is likely the major contributor for me.  It’s also the reason I will pick up the next book in a series that might not really interest me, because I need to know.  That book I put down for over a year?  I needed to know how it ended. 

4. Is it really so bad that I need to stop reading the book entirely?  Sure I might not be interested but it’s not that bad.   

5. A secondary or minor character saves the book, even if the main character is a drag.  Not even sure if this is a valid reason, but there are too many good side characters in books that need a shout out!




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