Any one else?

thoughtsAnyone else ever hear or read a book summary and think “I want to know how this ends but don’t really want to read the book as it’s not really the type of book I read” or is that just me?  I will go to wiki pages to read the full summary of the book, including the end (aka purposefully spoiled myself) to learn more about a book that I’m not inclined to read but still want to know what happens.  The most recent book to do this to me was After the Woods by Kim Savage (A+ author name and special shout out to the Booktuber Riley Marie for being the cause of this dilemma) which is a mystery/thriller type novel.  While I don’t avoid these types of novels, I don’t tend to reach for them.  Perhaps my interest is meant to get me to branch out into new types/genera of books.  Perhaps this just means that I know what type of books I like to read and know this is not that type but the author (and Riley!) has made such a strong case for the book that I need to know more. 

Am I the only one?

Also, If anyone else has read this book and cares to spoil me for the ending I would really appreciate it! 


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