thoughtsEvery year about this time I have the yearning to read everything.  It always happens around the end of March and into April.  Always.  It likely has to do with the school year and getting to the burnout point right before exams start; not wanting anything to do with studying, only reading.  Additionally it is because I don’t read during the school year because then I would read and not get my homework done, or even sleep, so by the time April comes around it has been many long months without a fictional universe to distract me.  Finally I think it also has to do with the nicer weather: wanting to sit outside once it starts to warm up and feel the breeze and smell the spring smells.

This time last year I discovered Booktube during the same old springtime book craving.   In the year since I have read a wide assortment of good, excellent or meh books, most of which have roots in Booktube.  You can see a few of them in the “Books I read because of Booktube” post and I plan on doing similar blog posts to that in the future.  Since discovering Booktube and due to having more free time away from school, my ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads has greatly expanded.  

This year, however, I have not gone through the book craving phase and only just realized.  I think the reason for it is because I have been done school for about 5 months.  In October when I was finishing everything and well past the burnout stage (and deep into Booktube) I experienced something of the yearning the typically comes in springtime.  Now that I am more rested and not burnt out I have not have the same visceral need to read something that occurs every year since I started University 6 years ago.  Also this year was really warm, winter-wise, thus I think the weather has impacted things as well.  

Though, I will say, I did get a craving to re-read Harry Potter, which I have finally given in to, though this craving is nothing on the typically yearly craving, which is not usually book specific.  All-in-all this year has been a strange year, and I’m interested in seeing what happens from here on out.  


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