My go-to authors

listFor me these are authors that I will read any book they put out, if I think I will like it or not and without reading the summary of the book, because I trust them to write amazing books.  Many of these authors are also insta-buy authors as well meaning I would buy their books without knowing anything about their books because, again, I trust them to write good books that I will love.  Insta-buy authors are rare because I don’t like to buy books unless I know I will love them, this making this list an exclusive list.  Some of the authors of my favourite books are not even on this list. 

Tamora Pierce Of the roughly 30 (THIRTY!!!!) books she has written I have only mildly disliked 2 of them.  That is an impressive score card and her next book coming out sounds SO GOOD.   

Maria V Snyder A newcomer to the List and one that is a bit of a surprise for me that she became so trusted so quick.

Kristen Britain and Kristin Cashore Both only have one series out each but that series from each of them is amazing.  Britain is still writing her Green Rider series and I can’t wait to continue it. After 5 books the series is not lacking or slowing down at all.  Cashore has finished her Graceling series after 3 books, of which I loved the first two and need to re-read the third since I didn’t like it the first time but want to give it another try.  Despite this I am really curious to see what, if anything she puts out next. 

Honourable mentions (close but not quite there):

Sarah J Maas – Here Throne of Glass series is epic and I need to continue it, however I have heard mixed things of her Court of Thorns and Roses series and will need to read it and form opinions before I can add her to the List. 

Sherwood Smith Her Sartorias-deles books are either love them or really dislike them so she likely will not even land a permanent spot on this list.  However her books that I love are so complex, original and interesting that I still check out (almost) every book she writes in this verse.  Though I think I’ve gotten a bit behind in some of them since her less well-known books are harder to find, especially in libraries. 

Eoin Colfer – He was on the List but a recent book of his that I read took him off the list since it was not up to the standards of awesome and funny that I have come to expect from him.  



5 thoughts on “My go-to authors

  1. I’ve been curious about Sherwood Smith lately because I’ve heard great reviews of Inda. I just love Tamara Pierce’s characters. I’m due to re-read the Immortals series soon.


    • I was recommended Drown Duel when I was looking for new books that are similar to TP and I absolutely loved the book and immediately bought it, something I didn’t do at the time (like I loved TP and didn’t yet own any of her books). I progressed to her other works and as I mentioned, they are of mixed quality in my opinion, but the Inda series is great. LIke Tamora Pierce’s works, many of Smith’s books take place in the same world (a looooot larger than Pierce’s) and thus they interconnect in many ways and part of the fun is re-reading to discover more connections between them.
      Crown Duel is more YA where as Inda is adult if that bothers you, but while sex exists in the world, it’s not really described all that much, more ‘fade to black’ situations. However if same sex couples is not a thing you like, these books might no be for you as they are very sex positive.


      • Oh, I don’t mind that. And I’m willing to read books similar to Pierce’s. I’ll have to pick them up one day when I’ve made some headway in all the series I have going now.


      • Hahaha, I know the feeling as my Goodreads TBR (for me defined as books I’m interested in reading in the near future) is over 250 books. There is at least one post coming up sometime this month that will rain praise on the Inda series some more to entice you to bump them up your list a little bit.


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