I need a makeover!

It’s been several months since I started this blog and though I dropped the ball on it in the past month and a half after the initial honeymoon phase, it’s still going and I think I have gotten my blogging groove back.  However, I think I have out-grown my current blog appearance and am craving a makeover or restructuring.  There are certain things I love about how it looks currently (mostly the layout and colour scheme), certain things I don’t like and mostly I feel like it needs more effort to make it look nice – such as interesting images in my posts to break up the words.

On one hand I’m excited to do this and have a nice, shiny new blog.  On the other hand I know it’ll be a lot of work because I’ll want to go back and change all my previous posts to fit the new theme.

So, it’ll happen as some point soon and if any of you fantastic bloggers out there have tips, hints, tricks or suggestions, please hit me up!


2 thoughts on “I need a makeover!

  1. I think your theme looks pretty good as it is. As for the images to break up words, perhaps you can use gifs and images that go with your posts? Otherwise this looks good but all the best if you have decided to change it. I hope you will find a nice, beautiful theme that you will like 🙂


  2. Pretty much find what works for you and how you want the blog to feel. If you want to get it across that this is a blog about books, then maybe your header can include books. If you’re looking to break up your posts with images, that’s totally your own option, but it does take time. Once the images are in your media, though, they’re easy to find and reuse over and over. Best of luck to redesigning!


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