Top 5 Wednesday: Settings I Want to See More Of

topTop 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey and is hosted by Sam at thoughtsontombs. Sam is actually the one that first got me thinking about the topic of female friendships several months ago and thus spawned two different blog posts of mine which were fairly popular.  If you want to know more about Top 5 Wednesday, you can check out the Goodreads page.

Now most of these places I want to see more of might not be all that rare, I just haven’t read many books set in these places and thus I want more.  There could be hundred out there set in these locales but generally I’m just newer to the genera or I haven’t picked up many books set there.  Also a heads up the locations I have choose are a bit of a hodge podge mixture of things and ideas. 

1. Oceans.  Because pirates.  And whales.  Also Krakens.  Ocopuses, nets, shrimp, mermaids, coral, boats, etc, etc, etc.  More Oceans Please!

2. Canada.  Really, unless you are reading lesser-known Canadian authors (for which I rarely ever do, whoops) books set in Canada are hard to find.  Though since I don’t read as much urban fantasy or contemporary, this could be a limiting factor in my ability to find books set in Canada.  

3. Space.  Yes I know but I’m just getting into SciFi so I haven’t read too many books set in space.

4. Virtual reality worlds.  Again with the SciFi thing, this is a new one and I’ve been eating up books (and anime) set in virtual reality video games.  

5. Complex, original, culturally-diverse, interesting, rich, consistent fantasy worlds.  Finding a good original world that fits all of these things is very hard.  

Honourable mention: Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  We see a lot of (mostly Euro-centric) medieval stories with a few more recently that have influences outside of the traditional Cis White Male Europe story, but rarely do I see stories (have I ever seen such a story?) set further back in time.  

Got any good suggestions that fall into the places I have mentioned? Let me know!


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