Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Feel Differently About

topSo I messed up and did this week’s Top 5 Wednesday last week, so I’m going to do last week’s topic this week!  You can find the schedule for Top 5 Wednesday here.

1. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – kinda a chat, but I gave this 4.5 stars upon reading it but then it became the best book of 2015, beating out several 5 star books.  I recognise it had it’s faults but it did leave a great impression on me.

2. The Magicans by Lev Grossman – I gave this something like 2 stars and, again, while I don’t think I would really change my rating of this book, I think after having watched the TV show I do appreciate what it did have a bit more.  But I still love TV Eliot the best out of the book and the TV show.  

3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling – I did not like this book the first time I read it and remembered almost nothing about it.  The second time I read it I had started with this book and continued on to the rest of the books in the series, which I had not read at the time.  I did a recent re-read of the entire series at once and I came to appreciate this book much more.  I still dislike whiny Harry and don’t like Dumbledore as much from this book on, but I do appreciate this book rather than just writing it off as a terrible book.

4. Epic by Conor Costick – Largely haled by me as the best book of 2016 so far, but looking back at it, while I did like the book, I don’t think it was outstanding.  Yes, it was good book with interesting characters and a great plot line, but I think the reason it stands out to me know is that it was one of 2 books that started my transition into more SciFi reads and TV shows and the interest in virtual reality genera.  

5. Ready Player One by Ernst Cline – This is an interesting one best I had high expectations of this book based on many stellar reviews but was very ‘meh’ about it: it wasn’t really my thing but had a few good parts.  Then I read more reviews on the subject and started to develop more negative feelings about the book due to it having a typical white man self insert lead with the female crush that he ends up getting in the end, blah blah blah, nothing really all that spectacular.   With about a year’s distance from this book I have more or less came back to meh, but like Conor Kostick’s Epic, it did spark the move to read more SciFi.  


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