Thoughts and decisions

thoughtsEver feel like you have written a great post but it didn’t get the attention you wanted it to?  Likely all of us bloggers have at some point, if not almost always.  Most of the posts that I feel this way about I wrote before I really had anyone that read my blog.  

While one of the ways I have thought of to help fix this that will also positively affect anyone that visits my blog space is to organize a list of blog posts for easy finding.  Sure, I know this is not news to do this for like 86% of blogger, but really what I’m saying is this: 

I will be adding a handy index type thing to my blog soon and announcing it in a blog post like this will keep me accountable to doing so.  

I’ve also been thinking of doing some sort of spotlight or TbT feature thing, but I think an index is more useful to most people at the present. 


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