Blog ahead October

thoughtsI have seen a few posts about this event.  Basically the goal is to look at the number of scheduled blog posts you have on the 1st of October and plan and write 30 more then that number by the end of October.  It’s to help you out during the busy months that are ahead.

On one hand, I think it’s great to try and get ahead.   I think it’s great when I have a week or two’s posts done in advance so I would love to have 30 extra posts, which is about 3 months worth for my blog.  I’m even just finishing off a week and a half off of work where I have time to write a few blog posts.  

But I know blog ahead October is not really a thing that would work for me.  When I was doing heavy overtime at work I would write about a week of posts ahead of time on my only day off of 6 days of 10 hour days.  During this time I noticed that I was getting into a habit of tag post on one day, Top 5 Wednesday on Wednesday and then a more discussion type post or a review or something similar on another day.  It was starting to bore me.  If it was boring me, how would I keep others interested in reading my content?  In part I think it was because I wasn’t reading so I was trying to keep my blog alive without much new reading content like new reviews or new answers to tag questions.  Also I felt my blog was getting stale with the same old content since it was what was easy to plan ahead and write.  

I like to react to things I have read recently or things happening in BookTube/Blog verse.  Sure, I can always write up a post an insert it into my line up but then I would want/need to move everything back in my line up since I like to have a post every few days and and random new one it would mess with things.  I want to write not what is easy but what is interesting. 

Also I’m Canadian.  Our Thanksgiving is in the more normal, better and logical October, not November.  So part of the ‘busy months ahead’ thing doesn’t really apply to me since October tends to be a busy month for us, not November.  For other Canadians, October is also midterm season.  

This is not to say that I don’t want people to participate in Blog ahead October.  Do it if you want to and I will cheer you on from the side lines! But for me, it’s not going to be a goal of mine since I want to try not to become stale and boring to myself.  


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