How do you review (2)

thoughtsWhen I started to review books I changed how I read.  Now when I read a book I have a piece of paper and a pen next to me so that I can write down any thoughts I have while I am reading.  Or I use the note pad in my phone.  From those often random thoughts and from my overall impressions and thoughts I build up an outline of a review which I then go back and edit to make it semi-readable.  I have a few times been too lazy to take the step to write a cohesive review and just typed up a list of thoughts I had while reading.  

However, many of the thoughts I have while reading are so specific or random they never make it into a review, and while I know they don’t I still need to write them down before I can continue to read.  So I thought I would write out a few examples of silly/random thoughts I have had recently that haven’t made it into a review.  If you like this post, let me know and I’ll do more!

-in what world does a library in a boarding school close at 7 pm on a school night??

-[character] asks really stupid questions

-The constant comparisons to his parents make me think about nature versus nurture a lot

-[animal character] understands words there is no need to use magic!  You know this!  Use your head!

-that surprise was not a surprise 

-SciFi wannabe dystopian book 

-every method of magical transport makes you spin, because of course it does. 

-that’s a very articulate speech for someone without papers or a prompter in front of them

-and somehow, no guns!

-Fred and George are life


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