October reads

thoughtsControversial position: I don’t read scary books in October and I really don’t understand those that wait to read a book they really want to read until October just because it has the creepy vibe and they feel the need to read it in a certain month.

There are two issues here: one being that I don’t understand people who read books during certain times of the year, but Halloween in particular.  Part of this could be that I never was big on Halloween.  Sure I like candy but I don’t care for dressing up and am pretty meh about creepy things.  I don’t read creepy books or watch horror movies.  The same thing goes with Christmas ‘reads’ or the summer time fluffy reads.  I don’t follow those trends and tend to never associate books with certain holidays or seasons.  The only books I really associate with a season are the Harry Potter books and Christmas because they are those comforting childhood books and they have really good Christmas scenes in them.  I re-read them in late spring this year, though, and didn’t wait until December.

I also just don’t understand why someone would avoid reading a book they want to read in that moment so that they can try and force themselves to read it in a month they may not want to read the book.  Doubly so for a reason such as ‘to read it during October because it’s a creepy read and you need to read creepy books during October’.  Shortly afterwards they might then talk about being in a reading slump.   

Despite this, I won’t stop someone from saving a book until the month they want to read it.  Everyone reads different and I need to respect that.  Yet, I get confused by that mentality and wondered if anyone felt the same as me or if you are one of those people that do save books for certain months.  If you are, have you ever come to that month and then not wanted to read that special book?



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