The last page

thoughtsAre you the type of person to read the last page/chapter before the end of the book to see how it ends and then finish reading the book or do you need to read the book in order, no skipping allowed?

For me, I never really understood how people can skip all the good stuff to spoil the end!  yet my mother swears by this reading method: first read the first few chapters to get a sense of the book, plot and main characters, then read the last few pages of the book to know how it goes, then read all the middle.  It’s apparently something to do with not wanting to wait to see how it ends and makes the reading part more enjoyable and I think it also has to do with her reading books over the course of weeks so she doesn’t need to wait forever to figure out how it goes.  Yet, that just seems to suck the fun out of the book!

What do you think?  Which type of person are you and why?

I will saw, though, that I will still read books that I have been spoiled for if I wanted to read it before I was spoiled, but I do also go and spoil myself for books that I don’t really want to read but am interested enough to want to know what happens.  So in a way you can say I do actually ‘read the last chapter’ before reading the middle in certain cases. But that’s different?

I really want to know how you do it!  Please tell me!


16 thoughts on “The last page

  1. Depends on the book. If it’s “literature” (that I’m reading for school or bragging rights) I’ll often do better if I already know what’s going to happen so it doesn’t completely shatter my heart! Haha. (Although I don’t read the last page, usually. I just look up a plot or chapter synopsis.) And that way, I can pay attention to the style, too, because I’m not getting caught up rooting for a happy ending.

    But for fun books, I almost never do that. Where’s the fun in that? ;D

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  2. Nope, can’t do it. I will sometimes peek when it looks like a character died to see if their name comes up again later in the book, because sometimes I’m so attached to a character that if I lose them I’ll throw the book across the room…but that’s the ONLY time, and it doesn’t happen often, lol.

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