The middling 10

The next ten books I have read this year!  Getting closer to completing my goal with only 10 books and 20% left to do.

Read so far:

31. Spy Glass by Maria V Snyder     2/5 stars

32. Power Study by Maria V Snyder     5/5 stars

33. Ice Study by Maria V Snyder     4/5 stars

34. In Real Life by Jessica Love     4/5 stars

35. Shadow Study by Maria V Snyder     4.5/5 stars

36. Night Study by Maria V Snyder     4.5/5 stars

37. Fire Study by Maria V Snyder     4.5/5 stars

38. Graceling by Kristin Cashore     4/5 stars

39. The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner     4.5/5 stars

40. Fire by Kristin Cashore     3.5/5 stars

Average book rating: 4.05


A solid list of 4-5 star reads this time around!  I mean, I guess it’s normal that most books fall into the average book rating of ~3 stars (for me) and few end up being bad.  At least that is how I want my scale to be set up: 3 stars are more average books, 4 and 5 stars are good or great or excellent and less then 2 stars is problematic in some way.  I have talked a bit about this before somewhere on my blog and its why part of the reason why i have a separate tabbed page on my rating system.  But of course I want to read more good books and fewer ‘meh’ average books.  

Typically, I read trusted authors or re-read books, which I didn’t do as much the last round-up of books.  This time around I had more re-reads and I stuck with one author I trusted which is a large part of why I did better for ratings.  Re-reading a lot of books is actually typical of me since as a kid it was hard to trust new authors or figure out what new books are out there (plus the library was small).  Trying to find new favourites and good and so is reading books you typically would not or that you think you won’t like, but so is staying with trusted books or authors and my end of the year wrap up will reflect that I did all types of reading this year.  

This list also has diversity in the type of things on it: audiobooks, short stories, contemporary books oh my!  Also a debut novel which was also published in 2016 along with 2 other that were new releases, one that was 20 years old and a few that are about 10 years old.  A really good mix of things!

For the first part of this list I took a lot less time to read each book to the point I was caught up to be on track to finish my reading goal on time!  But then life happened and I’m behind again though I’m stubbornly refusing to change my challenge goal unless I absolutely need to, but even then I think I’d be fine with not completing, just being close.  

Something else fun I did during this time was purging my Goodreads ‘to read’ list!  it’s still unmanagable but much, much better.  


On my reading goals: As I said, I was on track but am now not.  However knowing me if I get into another reading mood I should be able to finish up the remaining 10 books I need.  I’m on a bus all day today so I will finish up my current read for sure and have plans to go buy a book or two as a treat while I’m away.  They would be my first of the year! Gasp!  I also don’t know how I managed that either and I am already feeling like I should not buy what I plan to but we shall see what happens. 

What’s next: Finish my reading challenge. Write a nice post about my reading goals this year.  Pick some new reading goals for next year.  Read some damn good books.  Do the book awards where I highlight some of the best books I read this year. 


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