Pet Peeves #2

Reading is awesome.  However, I do have some petpeeves with books and reading.  Here are 5 more:

1. Maps in hard cover books on the inside cover pages.  It’s handy and super convenient to find when it’s your own book, it absolutely sucks when it’s a library book since the dust jacket is taped over the map and you can’t see 40% of the map.  Publishers should have fold-out maps for fantasy books. 

2. When the text on the spine of a book across a series does not line up.  For example when the book number in the series is at the top of the spine but one of them is 2 millimetres further down the spine then in the other books. 

3. Similarly, when one book in a series is slightly smaller then the rest thus the spines and the writing on them don’t line up on the shelf.

4. Book covers that are essentially stylistic font on a fairly plain background.  A cover sells the book and these covers tell me nothing about the book and definitely don’t sell the book to me.  They bore me. 

5. Stickers on library books that cover critical parts of the cover.  Like the name of the book.  Or the author.  Or what that interesting thing is in the cover model’s hand. 


7 thoughts on “Pet Peeves #2

    • YES, it has been a pet peeve for a very long time. BUt realistically it shouldn’t matter much because you are just reading the book. But covers are very important! I admit to once or twice trying to move the dust jacket in such a way to try and see what in under the sticker, however no books were harmed in the doing (I’m not a total monster!)

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      • No, I totes get it. But I know I did the same. I was looking at the map in The Remnant Chronicles, and I think it was Kiss of Deception, and I couldn’t see the freakin map! Drove me bonkers. (You’re like, no books were harmed in the making of this review…like the animal warnings in movies! That was great! 😂)

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      • I have been knowing to take the tape off of library books so that I can see the map. Most of the time I put it back but by HS I had friends that worked in the library that would give me dirty looks for doing that. BUT I NEED TO SEE THE MAP FOLKS. It’s critical to reading enjoyment.


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