The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

I have a full review of this book on my Goodreads if your interested, but I had too many good comments on it while I was reading that didn’t belong in a review which I am sharing here!  If you have seen any of my ‘how do you review’ posts you will have an idea of what this is!

Published: August 2016

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 448

Star Rating: 4 to 4.5

Genera: Young Adult, (older teens recommended), Futuristic contemporary?

Series: First book, at least one more forthcoming 

Source: Library Overdrive account, in ebook format

Slightly spoilery list of triggers/squicks/mature themes: drug use, underage drinking, sex, adopted sibling relationship

Note: this list has mild, expectant spoilers for the book, but is mostly just the random things I thought while reading this book. 

-Yes I had to do the math to see if the tower was realistic in dimensions

-No suicide nets to prevent the death fall?

-There was a girl falling to her death, but let’s make sure to let people know that she has curves for her dress to hug and that ‘she was more beautiful then ever before’ while falling

-Thanks to Orange is the New Black I don’t trust people named V, especially when drugs are involved

-I want to know more about AI incident that was mentioned in passing

-I really wonder how big that sucker is. The amount of resources needed would make it impossible yet there are 3 in the world.  It really would be a fascinating thing to see and live in.  I would hate it. 

-YOU CAN’T SEE STARS IN A BIG CITY!! Especially when there is a giant tower full of bright light nearby


-The ‘contacts’ technology would be 1) annoying as all hell and 2) not actually work because of the small focal point range our eyes have.  However, it is super neat to think about how useful it would be.  I wonder at what age they get them

-Glad to see the power imbalance in that relationship acknowledged

-The church scene was calming and not preachy, which I appreciate

-That was the perfect person to end the book with. 


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