Reading Challenge 2016

At this point I know that the likelihood that I will finish 50 books before the end of the year is slim to none.  Unless I decide to binge read a bunch of novellas, which is unlikely.  Sure it looked promising at the beginning of the year when I was 7 books ahead in the schedule, but now I’m 4 behind and racing the clock. 

However, I’m not really upset about this.  Right now a have a line-up of of 3 or 4 excellent-looking reads to finish off the year on a high note, which I am thrilled about.  The 2016 reading challenge was a reading challenge, there to challenge you and push you to read more.  When I set it I thought it was reasonable number of about a book a week, but life had its ups and downs this year and I didn’t make it.  Regardless I read a bunch of great books, re-read some others and found some books lacking.  All-in-all a great reading year.  It looks even better when I consider that the past 5 or so years (not including the last half of 2015) I have read maybe 50 books total due to school.  

I could scale my challenge goal down so that I succeed in ‘winning’ but I’m not going to (at least not right now?  I might cave before the end of the year).  Part of that is stubbornness.  Part is because in the large scale of things this is minor and I have gotten so close that I’m happy. Another part is that if I keep it high I might manage to push myself to complete it and that would be a great high note to end the year in; 7 more books in 2.5 weeks is not unreasonable for me, but there is a lot going on right now without the holidays happening.  In the end, I will win or not and I’m cool with either result.

Overall, whatever your reading number this year, whether you ‘won’ or ‘lost’, YOU READ THINGS and that is awesome and special. 


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