First Line Friday #3

Again, more like the first paragraph, but my blog, my rules.  Also I think this is the second time I’m using the prologue instead of the first chapter.  But it’s still the first glimpse of the book so it totally counts.  And it’s my rules.  

The girls were never present for the entrance interviews.  Only their parents, their guardians, their confused siblings, who wanted so much to help them but didn’t know how.   It would have been too hard on the prospective students to sit there and listen as the people they loved most in all the world–all this world, at least–dismissed their memories as delusions, their experiences as fantasy, their lives as some intractable illness.

Published: April 2016

Publisher: Tor

Pages: 173

Genera: Fantasy (adult??)

Currently: 1 page in and LOVING IT


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