How do you review (3)

Time for another round of random and silly thoughts I have while reading that would never make it into a review but are interesting enough to share.  If you like these let me know and I’ll continue to make more!

-the kid has poor eyesight yet you make him a seeker where he needs to be able to see a tiny fast moving speak of gold in the middle of rain??

-that love triangle was only mildly eye-roll worthy 

-foxes can follow more then just scents on gloves, could have followed the blood all over, but that wouldn’t help the plot now would it?

-why call the egg a bottle?  

-perfectly good medievalesque story and then guns

-I truly wonder why the male BFF characters that spend all their time together and are single would be the *only* people in the entire kingdom that would understand not wanting to marry as a sign your relationship is valid.  I truly wonder.  It *couldn’t* be because they are gay and in a relationship, could it??

-I love to hate this book

-this is clearly a British person writing an American



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