thoughtsThis post is in a similar vain to the ‘my number’ post I wrote a few weeks (or was it months?) back where I talked about how fast I read and how you shouldn’t be embarrassed by your reading speed. 

Now that the end of the year is upon us, I have more data (I love data!) on what my reading has been like over that year.  The best term to use on my reading is fluctuation.  My reading has fluctuated this year between 8 books in a month to not even one for 3 months in a row.  

Everyone knows that one reader that can always manage 10+ books every month.  That Youtuber that starts a wrap-up video that starts with “I only managed to read 7 books this month (and that’s so terrible)!”.  Or that person that read 3 classics and a 1000 page tome, which I could never, ever do.  For most of the year I was lucky if I read more then one book, and went several months without reading more then 10 pages.  In the entire month. 

And I’m ok with that.  It tells me a bit about how this year has gone.  As with my reading, this year for me was very up and down.  There was 3 months were I read basically nothing, and that is sad, especially when I know I can read upwards of 10 books in a month, but I want to focus on what I DID read instead of dwelling on what I can’t change now.  

I added a few books to my Favourite of All Time list this year.  I discovered several new authors I will be following into the new year!  It looks to be ending on a high note with several good reads and several goals accomplished which I am happy about!  I read more then 17 000 pages, and counting (dataaaa)!  I read books published between the years 1990 (which happens to be my birth year, go figure) and 2016!  I read 3 books in less then 48 hours, barely stopping to sleep or read!  I had fun reading!

Long story short, no matter how much you managed to read or not read this year, be happy that you got to read.  Be happy you read some great books.  Hopefully you discovered a few favourites.  Hopefully you have some new books or authors to check out int he new year.  And if for whatever reason you did not, talk to me!  I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!



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