How do you review (4)

Time for another one of these! (mostly because I have enough thoughts for 2 posts at present!)

-So all aliens everywhere need to use the ‘bathroom’ like us and call it the same thing as we do?

-Glad to see the power imbalance in that relationship was acknowledged

-The name dropping in this book is annoying

-Wouldn’t the same events that made humans good at music and aliens suck at it prevent aliens from fully appreciating music?

-Dance is a form of art yet none of these superior art beings can dance??

-Totally had to do the math there to see if it was realistic.  It wasn’t

-I really hate when a female character over the age of about 8 uses the word “daddy”.  It’s weird and creepy (in my opinion)

-I like when books actually show how hard things are, like translating languages

-They never did take care of the spy satellites they were being so careful to not show what they were doing….

-So, so, so many good quotes that I wish I had sticky notes with me to tag them all

-Acid isn’t green….

Edited: typo and grammar because I fail at proof reading apparently…



3 thoughts on “How do you review (4)

      • I’d say, 1) some definitely think similar things and some don’t.. as for those that don’t you’re notes are quite interesting as they open up new reader POVs and 2) yes, definitely enjoy, some quirky thoughts there 🙂
        Overall- do what you enjoy doing most and the rest will fall into place! 🙂

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