On the subject of my reading goals (2016)

statsLet’s see how I did!

Read 50 books

I did manage to read 51 things that Goodreads had a page for.  Whether they actually count as books is suspect, but I stuck to my goal despite the ups and downs and the 3 month reading slump, so overall a success. 

Keep my ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads below 200

One could say that since my ‘to-read’ is below 200 right now that is a success, but I know it was above 200 for most of the year and adding my ‘to-read’ with my new ‘read someday’ shelve will give you more then 200 books.  However towards the end of the year I gave myself permission to separate out my list which let me purge over a hundred books I wasn’t interested in while keeping books that aren’t on the top of my list in a separate list and overall making my ‘to-read’ list more manageable.  So on that end it is a success, if I wasn’t actually successful at my original goal. 

Write at least a few sentences on my thoughts about each book I read in 2016 (unless it’s in the middle of a series)

Again, a sort-of successful goal.  I wrote reviews for everything, even the short ‘books’ I read, barring the 2 novels I delayed writing about until right before I typed this post because I was about to type this post.  However, since I did always plan to write them, keeping notes and all, and the fact that I did actually write them, I will call this a success. 

Try to think more critically on the books I read

This is hard to measure, but every book I read I did see some issue in it that could have been improved, be it the male:female ratio was off, gross ‘humour’, flat characters or the characters that changed out of no where that could be found in my most favourite book of the year.  So in that I guess it’s a success.  I also discovered and shared a post about racist undertones found in books and vow to look for it when I read.  Overall, I will count this as a success, but I know I can do better and will strive to do so. 

Don’t force myself to finish books I’m not interested in

I’ll call this one a not really success as I finished everything I started this year (barring two books that I didn’t get enough into and I start from the beginning next year).  There were about a handful that I didn’t like and while I didn’t hate or force myself, it was really close and I knew that I wasn’t going to love the book even reading to the end.  In other words, I could have and maybe should have stopped but didn’t.

Try out book blogging

It’s been a year and I’s still here so I’d call that a success!

All in all, a successful year!


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