2017 reading goals

Let’s set some goals!  These are personal goals, because that’s personal and for me to know.  These are goals relating to reading and blogging, aka the stuff you might be interested in!

Continue on with this Book Blogging thing 

I had fun this past year with having my own piece of the internet to do what I wanted with and I want to continue to use it to talk about books!

Clear out my drafts file  

Sure it’s nice to have a handful (*coughover30cough*) of thoughts/half-written posts/ideas/etc to pick from when I need inspiration for a post (this is on top of the various tags and posts I have bookmarked from other people to use as inspiration), but the number of draft posts I have is too high.  I want to try and cut them down by either finally writing the post I was thinking of doing or scrapping the idea as something I’m not interested in anymore and move on.  De-cluttering so to speak.

Keep the number of books on my Goodreads ‘To-read’ list under the number of books in my ‘Read’ list

I previously wanted to keep my Goodreads to-read list under 200 books but quickly came to the realisation that such a goal was not going to happen.  Eventually I got around to decluttering by to-read list by splitting it into a more immediate ‘to-read’ list and a future ‘read-someday’ list which had be happy about that overall goal.  

Around that time I came up with a more realistic goal for my to-read (and read-someday) pile.  The way I figure it is this: there will always be more good books coming out and I’m never going to be able to catch up with them and read my back list, which will make it hard to keep my list under 200 but it should be manageable to keep the total books I want to read under the total number of books I have read.  Right now I am safe and my numbers are good.  Hopefully I can keep it this way!


Make better reviews  

Right now my reviews are too much like a stream of consciousness, lengthy mess.  I need to learn to prune, making things more interesting and informative while also thinking about the book critically. 

Reduce the number of unread books on my bookshelf by half  

I don’t typically buy books that I haven’t read and decided that I can’t live without them.  As such, the number of unread books on my shelf is tiny compared to many in the bookish world: there are about a dozen.  While I need to do an exact count since I have read about 3 since the last time I did a count, I want to half that by the end of 2017.  Side note: I have less then 100 books total on my shelves.  Definitely more then 50 at this point, but less then 100.  

A tough one: Stop feeling so guilty about not reading.  Conversely, stop feeling so guilty about reading.  

This is very contradictory, but this past year to due life things, when I took time to read I felt guilty because I was avoiding doing other important things.  But people need to have a break.  When I wasn’t reading or doing the other important things, I would feel guilty for not reading.  Basically, feel less guilty all around next year.

You’ll note that there isn’t a Goodreads Challenge on here.  While I have one set-up, I literally picked a random number below 50 as I’m not sure what my reading will be like this year.  I might set it differently later in the year, but my emphasis this year will be on reading books, hopefully good books, not hitting a number which made me read a bunch of tiny things at the end of the year to hit a number instead of reading what I wanted to. 

You’ll also note that these goals are not really quantifiable, which is a bad way to set goals.  I’m ok with this.  Several of these goals are things that you should always be in a state of improvement and while it’ll be hard to know if I achieved them by the end of the year, if I just work at improvement I will be happy.  

I’m also not requiring myself to achieve all of these goals.  These are things to root for but if they don’t happen, I’ll still be ok with myself.


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