In a stunning turn of events….

I have actually managed to keep this blog running for one full year!  Yay me!  

Tell me in comments how long yours has been running so I can envy you and cheer you on!


6 thoughts on “In a stunning turn of events….

    • Hey, at 2/3 months was where things got interesting for me in trying to keep it going and coming up with new ideas. Not meaning to scare you, but I feel like 3.5 or 4 months is past the hump that most people hit were a large majority stop writing!! So congrats!! I know you can keep going! And honestly if you need ideas, I have like a giant folder of bookmarks and a notepad thinger on my phone with more so hit me up!

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      • That’s awesome thank you! I hope that I can keep pushing forward as much as I can, I hope that I never stop writing if I can help it. This community is honestly amazing and it would be so sad for me to end up quitting.

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