Pet Peeves #3

listThese are obviously personal pet peeves, others may love what I hate!  If you do, tell me why you love it. 

Extensive song lyrics or poems.  I don’t know the melody or the beat and they are 99% of the time written in italics which is hard to read and focus on.

Stickers that are not removable and cover key parts of the cover.  Pretty sure this is a carry over from my last pet peeve, but this time I’m talking bookstore stickers.  With library books, it’s the library’s book, with books you buy, it’s your book and you want it perfect not all sticker’ed up.  Thankfully the stickers used at Chapters, the largest bookstore in Canada, they use a certain type that come off really easily without residue!  

‘Authors’ posting ‘books’ that haven’t even been written yet on Goodreads.  To specify: it’s a bit different when it’s an established author who is under contract for the book in question, but there are a few newbie ‘authors’ with ‘books’ up on Goodreads they haven’t finished (even a first draft), aren’t signed for and already have rated it 5 stars.  Like what I said in my first pet peeves list (about authors rating and reviewing their own books), I think it’s tacky.  It’s hard to write a book and I get they are excited, but the chances it’ll actually end up in print is, unfortunately, tiny. 

Cliffhangers.  Especially when I have to wait another year for the next one.  I get why they are there but I just really hate them and honestly, is often pisses me off so much I’m less likely to read the next book. 

Brand names in books.  Things like Youtube, or Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks etc.  Even though its a contemporary story (normally) which takes place in our world where these things exist it just bugs me.  I get it’s supposed to make the book more relatable, but to me it doesn’t and is more likely to throw me out of the story and be annoyed then to add to the story.  I don’t have patience for ‘book commercials’.  There are exceptions to this, when an author can do it and make it seem effortless, but most authors can’t satisfy me.  



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