How do you review (5)

Some more of these for you!  If you like them let me know so I can continue to keep doing them!

-Really tall tower has not suicide nets.  Because logic

-These people like to hear voices in their head a lot

-I’m too cautious to be a wizard in this world.  I wouldn’t like not knowing the consequences of my spells before I did them.

-Time paradox plots really aren’t my thing.

-All the talk of doors reminds me of Monsters Inc and make me wonder about my door (both in Monster’s Inc and this world)

-How long is the year in this book??

-I wonder how long it takes to travel places and how fast they travel

-Why are there so many worlds that the year is in the 300s range??

-The microbiologist in me loves the thought of a brain altering virus which is revered by the beings it inhabits

-That biology makes no sense in Earth terms, but it might work in becuase space?

-That slang was a bit to 2016 for my taste

-Time paradoxes might not be my thing, but I can get behind a good paralleled universe plotline

-I NEED MORE TIMESTAMPS  Because I like clear timelines and data and all that!



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