Eve: the Awakening

Eve: the Awakening is my first self-published book of the year.  I will admit, I don’t tend to read a lot of them, but I do manage one or two in a year and would like to improve that.

Published: August 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 547

Star Rating: 2.5

Genera: Urban Fantasy, upper teen to adult

Series: First book, only currently released 

Source: Read the first three chapters for free, bought the ebook on amazon after.   

Possible triggers: graphic violence

This book came onto my radar after discovering the author on youtube.  Jenna gives out writing advise and is really informative and funny.  When I noticed the first three chapters of her book were online, I started reading out of curiosity.  That was all it took, as I was hooked and bought the book after finishing the third chapter.  

This book had a great start that dragged me in and made me want to know more.  What let this book down was it really needed an editor in the back half.  I was reading the climax and was bored because it was overly descriptive and there was battle after battle after battle….  The climax of the story should not bore your readers.  Ever.  In my scribbles of my thoughts on this book I have that the book was slow, bored me, there were too many battles, etc written down over 5 times.  There is really a problem with you book if I can’t even remember that I wrote that already.  On top of that quite a few of the plot twists were predicable.  Yet the very end rounded things up quickly compared to the pace of the rest of the book when I would have liked an explanation.

The characters were hit or miss.  The ratio of male to female characters could have been improved upon and the majority of the female side characters were lumped into the villain side of things.  These female side characters were over-done, being more caricatures then characters with diverse thoughts and feelings.  However, the main character and her friends and the teachers (mostly male) were diverse in thought and characteristics and I greatly enjoyed them.  I did love that there was no love triangle, instead there was the gross super overprotective BF after a few weeks of knowing each other trope. 

I did like the writing outside of the battle scenes.  It was descriptive and informative.  It was the the PoV that I like most (3rd person).  There were some things that I would have changed (like the fact every character plays with their cuticles 24/7 and no one knocks) but it was good.  There were interesting and creative small details and ideas included int he book that I loved.  Diamond bullets, anyone?  Underground chimera worshippers?  There needed to be some sort of break between the dream scenes and the rest of the book, however, as it would be dream on paragraph and not dream the next and it would take a bit to realize this was not the dream anymore.  Also the slang for a future book was a little to 2010s, but it’s not the worse case of this happening in a book that I have ever seen. 

The world was interesting but there were some inconsistencies.  Chimera did seem a little too powerful and it wasn’t really explained how they came to be (they were kind of explained through genetics but they also come from non chimera parents??).  The aliens, again, interesting by inconsistent.  First they were hard to kill but then they were suddenly easy to kill in the climax, even using techniques (like melting) that they tried and failed with the first time.  

Overall the book started good but the ending dropped the rating for me.  I would still recommend people check it out, the first three chapters are free, after all!  Finally, a great quote to leave you with that is deeper then just the surface level meaning: 

“Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.  It’s your God-given right to look in the mirror and love what you see.  Never mind the imperfections-we’re all imperfect, after all.  But people tend to get so caught up in what they’re lacking, they forget to appreciate what they have.” 


6 thoughts on “Eve: the Awakening

  1. The concept sounds really interesting, and I love the cover! Too bad the ending didn’t pan out 😦 But thanks for the great review- maybe her next book will finish stronger.

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  2. Yeah I don’t read many of self-published books either- trying to change that too. And yup- I enjoy her videos too 🙂 . I did the exact same thing after reading her first three chapters! And yes- it’s such a mistake to have the conclusion be boring! It’s such a shame when an author does all that legwork to get you invested at the start as well :/ And yup the plot “twists” weren’t really twists at all- way too obvious (the mean girl is really mean- who’d have thunk it?) And I also would have liked an explanation for the Interlopers! Yeah I agree about the characters- the baddies really let the side down by being a tad too boring. I did like the writing at the start. I could have done with more explanations for the world building too though! (and this comment makes it sound like I didn’t like anything about it- but the start really was gripping and entertaining enough)

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