6 character deaths that didn’t affect me

listI admit, I generally don’t care or cry when characters die on-page, however, there are some character deaths that were more impactful than others and here is a list of those that others were really broken up about but I was not.

This post will have spoilers: (Harry Potter, Throne of Glass #2, Young Wizards, Hunger Games and The Magicians).

1. Dobby in Harry Potter – People love Dobby and hated his death, but I didn’t like him and didn’t really care when he died.  Sorry.

2. Ponch in Young Wizards – I was spoiled for this so it wasn’t a surprise which is half the battle of a death. 

3. Dumbledore in Harry Potter – Again, was spoiled and by that point I was angry at how much of a shitty person he was to Harry.

4. Nehemia Ytger in Throne of Glass – seemed gimmicky to me, a death of convenience.

5. Finnick Odair in Hunger Games – I was never attached to him as a character.  

6. Alice in The Magicians – Never attached to her, didn’t care.  Was another female death to save the rich white boy main character.  Yes I know she’s not likely really dead. 

As you can see there are three main reasons character deaths don’t impact me: I didn’t like the character, I wasn’t attached to the character or I was spoiled.  Two of these issues are a product of the writing, though since a large majority of readers were impacted by these deaths, the onus in not completely on the author since people were impacted. 

Are there any character deaths that didn’t impact you as much as other people reading the series?  Please let me know below!  Spoilers welcome, but many tag with the series so people can decide or not to read your comment. 



6 thoughts on “6 character deaths that didn’t affect me

  1. Agree with you about Dobby and Dumbledore- for exactly those reasons! I was really sad about Nehemia’s death, but only cos of how it affected Celaena, so I see where you’re coming from. And have to admit I was sad about Finnick- although it was a little rushed for me! great post!

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    • Maybe I’m just cold and heartless? I’ve only ever cried over one death, and it didn’t even happen on-page it was just the finding out it was inevitable part that got me (and it was a parent). But that was the point of this! To say which deaths that really hurt other people that didn’t hurt me.


      • Haha, no worries! I always have strong emotional reactions to fictional deaths. It’s a matter of some amusement to my husband, who never cries about anything ever.

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