Inconsistencies in Ready Player One by Ernst Cline

This post is in similar vane to my ‘How do you Review’ posts, though it focuses more on the inconsistencies found within Ready Player One that, in my opinion, hurt the book.  These are just a handful of the things I noticed.  There could be some spoilers.

-everyone is poor yet everyone can buy shit in the game?

-no one else thought the ‘much to learn’ would ever be the planet with schools on it?

-the talk of living in parent’s basements ignore the fact that in this world people don’t have basements anymore

-MC never thought to control+f his diary for key words??

-keeping all the identiy data from FBI over time would not have been a thing that could actually happen

-NPC’s are quite individually responsive in this world which at our level of technology is not realistic 

-it might be illegal to sample DNA but a corporation that routinely does illegal things including murder would be doing it anyway

-there were timeline issues, in one case it was insisted it had been months when it was really only about 2 weeks 


2 thoughts on “Inconsistencies in Ready Player One by Ernst Cline

    • YESSSS. I literally have to stop and point it out (mostly to myself) before I can read it again and that obviously throws me out of the story which is never a good thing! It’s for this reason I have a whole ‘how do you review?’ series on my blog! Speaking of which, I have about 3 posts worth of content stored up, so I really should go format a few blog posts!


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