5 Books I’d want to re-write

listThe Wake Trilogy by Lisa McMannThough the 1st person PoV is needed to get the story across, I feel the level of writing in this series was sub-par and could really use some strengthening.

Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce – This could have been such a good book but the ending was rushed and many things happened that felt sloppy.  

Ready Player One by Ernst Cline – The premise of this book and the main plot points were on point, but for me this book was let down by the writing style and the details.  

The Rest of us just Live Here by Patrick Ness – Interesting concept, but the book was overall very meh.  It needed something more in my opinion.  

Eve: the Awakening by Jenna Moreci – The start of the book was great!  The middle and ending, however, needed major edits to clean it up. 





7 thoughts on “5 Books I’d want to re-write

  1. Oh gosh I feel the same way about both the Rest of Us Just Live Here and Eve!!! (I haven’t read the others on this list) I really loved the concept for the rest of us just live here- but the execution and the direction the story took just wasn’t for me- I really had high hopes for it as well. And I was especially disappointed with Eve, cos, like you, I really did like the beginning- but my goodness did that book fall flat- it was really anti-climactic, the story dragged in the last third and I felt like all the fight scenes became repetitive and felt recycled by the end (I kept yelling at the book to CHANGE IT UP)

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