How do you review? (8)

Here are some more of these thoughts I have while reading, I haven’t been good at keeping up and posted so there is a back log of comments.  Enjoy!

-Let’s go walk into a cave with the people literally trying to abduct and murder you because that is smart

-Such a waste of bullets

-MC never wears heels but when she does, she walks for over an hour in them.  Because of course she does.  Sadly this part was written by a woman….

-Everyone is poor yet everyone can buy virtual shit in the game?

-*Eats cookies in the middle of a battle scene that talks about pus constantly*

-Now we get to the whiny cis white het male teenager, but he’s poor and somewhat overweight so we are supposed to relate to him.  Author also added a dash of being bullied so it’s all good. *eye roll*

-That’s smart, light the entire building on fire with everyone of your group inside it

-Tidy romantic ending that solves nothing about the terrible world

-Talk about not being the investigators yet there is a section on her questioning witnesses to figure out if a death is a homicide instead of the detectives. Ugh I hate inconsistencies like this. 

-Talk of living in parent’s basements ignore the fact that in this world people don’t have basements anymore

-Buddy never thought to control+f his diary for key words that would have solved this entire puzzle in like 5 minutes??  Why are whiny white male leads the main characters again, when they are consistently this stupid?

-Indentured servitude is creepy

[Annoyance that an entire court case rests on the fact that when you fall backward your hands automatically move to behind you, not fly up as if to grab onto something, which I have totally done when I have slipped in the shower and as a result did not break my arm] 

-I love how the bully of this story is a large part of why the main character became so good at weapons.  It’s a little sad that only the main character really knows this as well.  I would have loved to have a scene were the MC straight up tells the a-hole that her superior strength is because if forced her to use weighted weapons. 


3 thoughts on “How do you review? (8)

  1. hahaha “*Eats cookies in the middle of a battle scene that talks about pus constantly*”
    But I can’t help but be bothered by your criticising the author for making someone whiny and a “cis het white male”- sure, whiny’s annoying, but surely it’s wrong to criticise based on race, gender and sexual orientation?

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    • I can kind of see what you are saying. That comment is an ode to how sick I am of seeing the same type of character over and over again, one I have never connected with but is constantly applauded for being literary master pieces. The male character who is also always white and straight that expects everything to be handed to him and gets annoyed and whiney when he does no work and surprisingly things don’t get handed to him (except in the end it somehow always does anyway). I think it’s lazy and boring and I never connected with it, yet I can name a half dozen books like this without trying. In other characters besides this one case, I wouldn’t criticise based on race, gender and/or sexual orientation. But I just real sick of the ‘default t(entitled) white male straight lead’ because some how everyone can and should be able to relate to them while simultaneously being unable to relate to anything but that. Think of movies, almost always white male straight leads, and Hollywood is ‘shocked’ when a white straight female lead film does well.

      But that could just be my endless frustration: boring lazy writing of the same character type that just happens to be all those things.

      I hope this makes sense and possibly clarifies things about that statement?

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      • Sure, no one likes lazy writing- we can all agree on that. However there is a trend of it being okay to attack someone based on their race/gender as long as they’re in a certain bracket- when in reality it is just as wrong. You’re a really nice girl so I would hate to see you caught up in something like this.
        I did an article a while back about this where I went into it in more depth and I can send it to you if you like?


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