Five Golden Stars?

Perhaps by now you have read a review or two on this blog; perhaps you have not.  Either way you have stumbled upon this page which is intended to inform you about how I rate the books I have read.

I use a 5 star system similar, but not completely the same as GoodReads does.  However, the biggest difference in my system is that I employ half star ratings as I feel this allows me to better differentiate the ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ books.  

Rating books is a complex process and I will briefly tell you how this process works.  In a large cauldron I include my overall thoughts and opinions about the books, considerations of the writing style of the book, the plot and tropes used in the book, the pacing, the realism, consistency and continuity of the book, my feelings on the characters and setting, any issues I had with the book, originality, whether of not the book just plan makes sense and a few other secret ingredients.  Once everything is mixed and has been stewing overnight (at least, sometimes it takes longer.  You never really can be sure how long it’ll take at the start) out of the mist and depth of the cauldron comes a Gold Star rating.

1 Golden Star: I did not like this book.  Many other people probably did like this book, but I have strong negative feelings for this book.  I am allowed to have those feelings.  Typically books I have not finished fit into this category.  Other books of authors in this category are unlikely to be read in the future. 

2 Golden Stars: This book was okay.  I don’t have strong negative feelings about it, but there was enough issues in it to make it worse than an average book.  If a book in a series ends up in this category that means it’s unlikely that I will pick up the next one.  Also the author is unlikely to be read again.

3 Golden Stars: I liked this book.  In other words, this book was average in that it doesn’t leave me with too many negative feelings but it didn’t manage to amaze me enough to convince me it was better than an average book.  If the book is in a series a three star rating typically (but not always) I will continue on in the series to see if it gets better, but it’s not a priority.  Authors of books in this category can be read again.

4 Golden Stars:  This is a good book, one that left me with a positive impression.  There were some things I had an issue with but they did not take way from the experience of the book.  A series or an author in this category is highly likely to be read in the future.

5 Golden Stars:  I thought this book was fantastic!  Generally speaking books that find themselves in this category have very few or no things wrong with them which is why few books find themselves in this category.  A series or author found in this category is priority when picking out the next book to be read.