About me

Author that represents books you love to read? Tamora Pierce, Sherwood Smith, Maria V Snyder

Author that represents books you prefer not to read? John Green, Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Claire

Classics? NO THANKS

Large or small? Large!

Paper or plastic? I like to hold the book well reading, but ebooks are great for those last 20 minutes before you fall asleep after the lights are all out (that always turn out to be an hour)

Hard or soft: This is a hard one (punny) to answer.  I tend to buy soft cover books more but read more hardcovers due to library books.  I typically don’t mind reading either type.

Pick up and start reading or learn more first? I tend to at least read the synopsis before I read the book.

Judge a book by it’s cover? Yes.  And I hate the cover trends for young adult literature (read more of my thoughts here) 

Hi!  I am a reader!  I suffer from a condition of needing more hours in the day to read.  Books have been a regular part of my life since I was a young child, though I did take a long break during my University career.  Now that that part of my life is over (which is really weird) I have gotten back into the reading thing and let me tell you, the place exploded while I was gone!  Currently I read mostly fantasy and mostly ‘young adult’ books, however I have recently been reading more SciFi and I do venture into Adult and Middle Grade books semi-regularly.  Contemporary or urban fantasy books are not off the table but are a rare and mixed bunch for me.

As for what you can expect on this blog, I post about once every 2-3 days though that sometimes stretches into once a week when I get really busy.  This blog has a a mix of tags, lists, reviews, discussions and other type posts but everything here is about books someway or another.  I do want to post more reviews then I have in my archives, but that will come with time.  Every book I read has some sort of review on Goodreads, and I select certain ones to do more in depth discussions on the book when I feel I have something extra special to say about it.  

Let’s be friends!  You can find me on Goodreads here

Or to find out more about me outside of books (gasp!) you can find me here

If you have any questions about me, my blog or anything else, feel free to ask!


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