First Line Fridays #13

My name is Louisa Rose Ditton.  I work and live at Coldthistle house, a house for boarders and wanderers.  A house owned by the Devil.

Published: May 2017

Publisher: Harper Teen

Pages: 416

Genera: YA fantasy, possible horror elements

Series: First of an unknown number, only one currently released

Of interest: This book is stunning to look at as a hardcover!

First Line Fridays #10

“Lily’s lamp blew out as she bolted down the hallway.  She threw the lamp aside, splashing oil across the painted wall and fine rug.  The liquid glistened in the moonlight.

The house was empty.  Silent save for her panicked breathing.  She’d given up on screaming.  Nobody seemed to hear.

It was as if the entire city had gone dead.”

Published: May 2013

Publisher: Tor Teen

Pages: 378

Genera: YA Fantasy

Series: First of a possible 2 books, only one released at this time

First Line Fridays #8

“Let’s go fight the girls!”

Inda Algara-Vayir’s shout signalled the end of morning chores.  Broom handles clattered against the stable walls and buckets thumped down as the boys of Castle Tenthen whooped with joy.  Dawn had brought the first clear day of a late spring.  After winter’s bleakness, the sunlight shafting from the still-low northern sun cheered the castle’s people going about their work.

For the young, it meant the first war game  of the year.

Published: August 2006

Publisher: DAW

Pages: 576

Genera: Adult Fantasy

Series: First of 4, all of them out. 


First Line Friday #2

So I have more then just the first line, but the first few lines just build upon each other so well here that this is likely the best opening to a book I have read all year. 

Aliens suck at music. And it’s not for lack of trying. They’ve been at it for eons but have yet to produce even a faintly decent tune. If they had, we’d have detected them ages ago.

Published: July 2012

Publisher: Del Ray

Pages: 364

Genera: SciFi (adult??)

Rating: currently 5 stars at 2% into the book