How do you review (9)

Here’s another round of the random thought I have while reading that you really can’t put in a review. 

-You know this book takes place in America when a popping noise or a mild bang brings instant thoughts of guns

-Girl is allergic to cats, and there isn’t a cat in the entire story, but sure, put a cat on the cover!

-Let’s build a school for kids that can’t use their powers properly and then not actually teach them anything about using their powers properly.  Smart plan, guys!

-I really don’t think films use boob mics to record sound.  They use the sound stick.

-Groundskeepers must always live on the grounds in a little hut all by themselves and not in the big building only meters away with lots of bedrooms and things like that.  Always.

-40 minute break was somehow over after a 10 minute conversation.

-Why is it always palm cuts when blood is needed?  Isn’t there a better spot then the hand you will need to get shit done with and is less painful to take from?

-(book immediately afterwards) Seriously why is it always palm cuts??

-It didn’t take me long to learn why I disliked this book the first time I read it.

-I like that the gift of prophesy has a realistic downside in this book, many novels with magic don’t have realistic downsides to using the power.

-All I can think about when Mark talks about pissing outside is the contamination of the planet with earth microbes and how it’s no longer pristine.

-People need to hurry… they stand around talking and touring the place for like 30 pages. 

-All this great future technology but noise cancelling headphones still can’t block noise. 


How do you review? (8)

Here are some more of these thoughts I have while reading, I haven’t been good at keeping up and posted so there is a back log of comments.  Enjoy!

-Let’s go walk into a cave with the people literally trying to abduct and murder you because that is smart

-Such a waste of bullets

-MC never wears heels but when she does, she walks for over an hour in them.  Because of course she does.  Sadly this part was written by a woman….

-Everyone is poor yet everyone can buy virtual shit in the game?

-*Eats cookies in the middle of a battle scene that talks about pus constantly*

-Now we get to the whiny cis white het male teenager, but he’s poor and somewhat overweight so we are supposed to relate to him.  Author also added a dash of being bullied so it’s all good. *eye roll*

-That’s smart, light the entire building on fire with everyone of your group inside it

-Tidy romantic ending that solves nothing about the terrible world

-Talk about not being the investigators yet there is a section on her questioning witnesses to figure out if a death is a homicide instead of the detectives. Ugh I hate inconsistencies like this. 

-Talk of living in parent’s basements ignore the fact that in this world people don’t have basements anymore

-Buddy never thought to control+f his diary for key words that would have solved this entire puzzle in like 5 minutes??  Why are whiny white male leads the main characters again, when they are consistently this stupid?

-Indentured servitude is creepy

[Annoyance that an entire court case rests on the fact that when you fall backward your hands automatically move to behind you, not fly up as if to grab onto something, which I have totally done when I have slipped in the shower and as a result did not break my arm] 

-I love how the bully of this story is a large part of why the main character became so good at weapons.  It’s a little sad that only the main character really knows this as well.  I would have loved to have a scene were the MC straight up tells the a-hole that her superior strength is because if forced her to use weighted weapons. 

How do you review? (7)

I hope you want more of my random thoughts while reading because here you are: 

-Scheduling her to do the tutoring in the middle of her classes instead of during evenings when both of them are free is just plan wrong

-Electrodes don’t work that way

-It’s a maze but they seem to find the right way and the easiest exit

-Nice use of designated survivor trope, I want more

-MC can’t drink because ~reasons~ yet drinks anyway and has no consequences?

-Annoyed because I like this book but I don’t

-That’s not how physics works

-Incompetent adult trope, check!

-“I’m guessing none of us have ever infiltrated an Alien lair before” uh, you guys did that like 5 chapters ago?  I mean, I know the book is dragging at this point but that was a major plotpoint/scene so….

-Insert fear of females before introducing manic pixie dream girl

-“Nobody shakes hands in the autopsy suite” I would hope not

-No one else thought the ‘much to learn’ would ever be the planet with schools on it?

-A girl that is good at math!  And is valued by her male peers for it!

-Not enough bullets for this fight, especially since not one talks about reloading

How do you review? (6)

Here are more of some of the more, often weird or random thoughts I have while reading:

-I’ve never had intense in depth conversations like that in the middle of class….

-The cop duo in the 4th chapter reminds be of Clary and Tunstall.  And now I need to re-read the Beka Cooper series and be betrayed, again by The Thing.

-It’s a little extreme to think no one else has gained powers at an earlier age then the MC has when the way you gain your powers is not rare (though not common).

-This is the second time mahogany has been mentioned in a pre-hunger games book

-No one knocks in this book and it’s weird

-Why are all high level military men pale, blonde and blue eyed?  It’s boring and in light of recent book discussions makes me think imperialism

-Super overprotective BFs annoy the fuck out of me, especially when the relationship has gone on for only  a few weeks

-I hate when books set in the future have slang that is a little to ‘now’

-Spontaneous trips to halfway across where ever is actually a trope I love, even though it’s almost always predictable

-Getting bored of endless battles? Here, have a car chase!


-I saw that plot twist from a mile away

-Oh no, I lost the thing I was carrying and it’s out of my reach, too bad i don’t have the ability to magic it to me! Oh wait! I do, but I’m not going to use it.

-Only in america would you have vending machines with body armour and guns

-Uses torches in a future high tech world because #aesthetic


Inconsistencies in Ready Player One by Ernst Cline

This post is in similar vane to my ‘How do you Review’ posts, though it focuses more on the inconsistencies found within Ready Player One that, in my opinion, hurt the book.  These are just a handful of the things I noticed.  There could be some spoilers.

-everyone is poor yet everyone can buy shit in the game?

-no one else thought the ‘much to learn’ would ever be the planet with schools on it?

-the talk of living in parent’s basements ignore the fact that in this world people don’t have basements anymore

-MC never thought to control+f his diary for key words??

-keeping all the identiy data from FBI over time would not have been a thing that could actually happen

-NPC’s are quite individually responsive in this world which at our level of technology is not realistic 

-it might be illegal to sample DNA but a corporation that routinely does illegal things including murder would be doing it anyway

-there were timeline issues, in one case it was insisted it had been months when it was really only about 2 weeks 

How do you review (5)

Some more of these for you!  If you like them let me know so I can continue to keep doing them!

-Really tall tower has not suicide nets.  Because logic

-These people like to hear voices in their head a lot

-I’m too cautious to be a wizard in this world.  I wouldn’t like not knowing the consequences of my spells before I did them.

-Time paradox plots really aren’t my thing.

-All the talk of doors reminds me of Monsters Inc and make me wonder about my door (both in Monster’s Inc and this world)

-How long is the year in this book??

-I wonder how long it takes to travel places and how fast they travel

-Why are there so many worlds that the year is in the 300s range??

-The microbiologist in me loves the thought of a brain altering virus which is revered by the beings it inhabits

-That biology makes no sense in Earth terms, but it might work in becuase space?

-That slang was a bit to 2016 for my taste

-Time paradoxes might not be my thing, but I can get behind a good paralleled universe plotline

-I NEED MORE TIMESTAMPS  Because I like clear timelines and data and all that!


How do you review (4)

Time for another one of these! (mostly because I have enough thoughts for 2 posts at present!)

-So all aliens everywhere need to use the ‘bathroom’ like us and call it the same thing as we do?

-Glad to see the power imbalance in that relationship was acknowledged

-The name dropping in this book is annoying

-Wouldn’t the same events that made humans good at music and aliens suck at it prevent aliens from fully appreciating music?

-Dance is a form of art yet none of these superior art beings can dance??

-Totally had to do the math there to see if it was realistic.  It wasn’t

-I really hate when a female character over the age of about 8 uses the word “daddy”.  It’s weird and creepy (in my opinion)

-I like when books actually show how hard things are, like translating languages

-They never did take care of the spy satellites they were being so careful to not show what they were doing….

-So, so, so many good quotes that I wish I had sticky notes with me to tag them all

-Acid isn’t green….

Edited: typo and grammar because I fail at proof reading apparently…